Greetings, Agents

We have obtained many highly classified encoded documents, and we once again need your assistance to uncover the truth.

Over the past 3 months, we have slowly infiltrated the agency, obtaining a secure copy of a hard drive from a hidden internal research network. We cannot hope to uncover the truth on our own.

We will make the contents of the drive available as quickly as our experts can retrieve them. Our intel suggests that they are encrypted asset redemption codes for the use of the agency's research team. We discovered that these codes are carefully monitored, and any unauthorised usage outside of the agency’s security perimeter resulted in the code being disabled immediately. We urge you to handle these codes with the utmost confidentiality, and avoid making them public!

Once you have successfully retrieved an asset redemption code, please send it back to us for analysis using one of the following two channels:

We will be tracking the most effective agents amongst you. If you wish to be acknowledged as the first to retrieve a code, send us your agent name and faction together with the code. Be aware that doing so might compromise your identity.

Godspeed, agents!