Recent events have shown the importance of shields and other defensive measures through the years. We have been diligently working to uncover information relating to these defensive systems and their evolution.

As assets are decrypted, they will appear below. Good luck, Agents.

Please note: The following asset URLs (e.g. "game01-790b81a36b4165b6") do not contain solvable information.

Portal Shield [!]Brute force decryption complete
Faraday cage [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Interstate shield [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Obsidian Shield [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Family crest [!]Encryption key provided
Ablative heat shield [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Abjuration [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Deflector shield [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Arduino shields [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Coat of Arms (I) [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Ursus arctos [!]Encryption key provided
Police badge [!]Brute force decryption complete
Shield (money) [!]Brute force decryption complete
Aegis [!]Plaintext attack succeeded
Coat of Arms (II) [!]Encryption key provided

If you would like to assist with the asset decryption, enter any possible encryption keys or plaintext attack vectors: